What Table Food Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Broccoli, cabbage, endive, carrot tops, Brussels sprouts, kale, silver beet, mint, and fruits like apples (but without seeds), mangos, and papaya are other items that should be offered to guinea pigs a few times a week.

Similarly, What is a guinea pigs favorite food?

The majority of them like eating broccoli and carrots, while others prefer nothing more than nibbling on fresh grass off a lawn. Although some owners insist on using store-bought treats, you should check the ingredients to make sure you’re not giving their dog sugar and artificial colors.

Also, it is asked, What can guinea pigs eat besides their food?

Alternatives to and supplements for guinea pig food Lettuce, Romaine. The high fiber content of Romaine lettuce, as well as red and green lettuces, may help keep your guinea pig’s digestion functioning normally. Romaine lettuce is far more nutrient-dense than Iceberg lettuce. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Kale. Cayenne peppers. Oranges. Carrots. Squash.

Secondly, What vegetables can guinea pigs eat daily?

Summary. The greatest veggies on our list are zucchini, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, bell peppers, dandelions, and spinach. To help your guinea pig acquire the nutrients they need to live a long, healthy life, start include these items in their regular diet.

Also, What are guinea pigs favorite snack?

Carrots are one of Guinea Pigs’ top ten favorite foods. Poppy tries to flee while carrying her carrot. Romaine or green leaf lettuce. Peach with her favorite leaf lettuce in green. Radicchio. Radicchio has the appearance of a little red cabbage. Coriander/Cilantro. Parsley. Cayenne peppers. Dandelion. Wheatgrass.

People also ask, What do guinea pigs like for treats?

Commercial goodies are pointless and expensive. High-quality pellets, hay, and treats made of fruits and vegetables will make your pig completely content. Try adding some rolled oats to your guinea pig’s pellets for a special treat or filling a little cardboard tube with fresh hay.

Related Questions and Answers

What can guinea pigs eat vegetables?

Your pet guinea pig may consume the following vegetables: lettuce romaine (never iceberg lettuce, which is nearly all water and no nutrients) Orange, yellow, red, or green bell peppers (a great source of vitamin C) a carrot with its tips (limit the carrots, as they are high in carbohydrates)

What is poisonous to guinea pigs?

Garlic with onions These two work well together to season just about everything. Onions and garlic, however, are both members of the Allium plant genus and contain certain compounds that are poisonous to guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat oats?

Not the fast or quick-cooking type, but just plain, old-fashioned rolled oats. In fact, if you want to give this to your piggies, oatmeal could be the best option.

Can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes?

We often question whether they’re okay for our guinea pigs since they’re so good for us. Yes, sweet potatoes are okay to offer your guinea pig in moderation, to give you the quick answer.

What color do guinea pigs see?

This hypothesis was supported by behavioral color vision studies, which showed that guinea pigs had dichromatic color vision with a spectral neutral point located at around 480 nm. The guinea pig’s cone pigment complement is distinct from the rodents’ typical cone pigment complement.

How often should you feed guinea pigs?

Feeding your cavy twice a day is a good idea in addition to providing hay. To aid in avoiding overeating and, as a result, obesity, both in the morning and at night. After your cavy has eaten, always remove any uneaten pellets around an hour later, as well as any fruit or vegetables after 24 hours.

Can a guinea pig eat an apple?

Although certain apples are more acidic than others, you should always consume apples in moderation. They can only process a little of them at once. Never give cooked apples or any other cooked food to your guinea pig. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains should always be given to guinea pigs.

What sweet things can guinea pigs have?

Vegetables are good treats. Your dogs’ regular diet should include fresh veggies. Fruit. Fruit has significantly more sugar and acid than veggies, which may cause issues like obesity and mouth ulcers. Tablets of vitamin C. Twigs of fruit trees. Animal food. Dairy goods. Chocolate. Seeds and nuts.

Can guinea pigs live off just vegetables?

As long as you chop everything into little bits, guinea pigs may also have fresh veggies every day. Guinea pigs should consume one cup of veggies every day. Wash vegetables well in water before giving them to your pet.

Can guinea pigs eat raw carrot?

As long as you just give your guinea pig carrots sometimes as a treat rather than every day, they are safe to consume. It could be best for certain guinea pigs to stay away from this vibrant vegetable, such as those who have diabetes, allergies, or bladder stones.

Are carrots safe for guinea pigs?

Alfalfa cubes, carrot tops, and apples are common treats for guinea pigs. All cavies must take a vitamin C supplement.

Do guinea pigs eat their poop?

Guinea pigs eating their own waste is not only completely normal and natural, but it is also necessary for their health. The behavior is shared by many tiny animals, and it is much more concerning if they are not eating their own waste!

Can guinea pigs eat cheerios?

I wouldn’t advise it. They are ineligible since they are processed whole grain goods. Grain or processed food consumption in general is not advised for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat crackers?

Avoid giving your guinea pig meals with excessive amounts of sugar, carbs, and fats, much as with human diets. This excludes the toasted oat cereals that are often given to hamsters or gerbils as rewards. Don’t give her any human foods, like oats, potatoes, breads, cookies, crackers, or beans.

Can my guinea pig eat chips?

Yes, guinea pigs have teeth made specifically for eating chips, such as potato and corn chips. Bean dip or guacamole are options.

Can a guinea pig eat a Cheeto?

In addition to being a wholly abnormal meal for a pig, pigs are lactose intolerant and Cheetos are loaded with cheese (I myself can’t eat them).

Can guinea pigs eat ham?

any sort of meat. Therefore, there will be no cat, dog, or ferret food either! The digestive tracts of guinea pigs are designed only to process vegetation. They may get pretty critically unwell from eating meat since they lack the GI tract machinery to do so.

Is popcorn safe for guinea pigs?

However, plain popcorn is heavy in starch, which is undesirable, and there is a chance that your guinea pig may choke on it even if it does not include many harmful substances. Consider only healthy goodies that will aid in fulfilling your pig’s nutritional needs.

Can guinea pigs eat raisins?

Their health may suffer in the long run as a result of this. The odd raisin, however, probably won’t do any damage to your pig. Even though we advise against feeding them any dried fruit at all, including raisins, it should be okay to give them one or two as a treat each week.

Do guinea pigs like to get wet?

To ensure speedy drying after bathing, it’s preferable to wash your guinea pigs on a day when it’s not too rainy outdoors. Guinea pigs don’t like to be wet, and in cold areas, washing them and then failing to thoroughly dry them off may at the very least cause them to get the chills.


Guinea pigs are small rodents that are commonly kept as pets. They are very curious animals and will explore their environment by eating anything they find. They need to eat a diet that is high in fiber, low in protein, and low in fat.

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