Can Rabbits Eat Guinea Pig Food?

You may be wondering whether you can get away with giving guinea pig food to your rabbit if you’ve ever found yourself in a scenario where you need to feed your rabbit but all you can find is guinea pig food. The good news is that food designed for guinea pigs can be consumed by rabbits.

Similarly, Is there a difference between rabbit and guinea pig food?

Feeding guinea pigs and feeding rabbits varies significantly. Unlike rabbits, guinea pigs are unable to make vitamin C on their own. Commercial guinea pig pellets are added with vitamin C since they need it from an outside source, while rabbit diet does not.

Also, it is asked, Can rabbits eat guinea pig mix?

Since guinea pigs may get various illnesses from rabbits and because they can be aggressive against one another, it is important to keep rabbits and guinea pigs apart. Since both guinea pigs and rabbits are sociable animals, companionship is a crucial part of their care.

Secondly, What can I feed my rabbit if I run out of food?

Supplements and substitute foods for rabbits Leaf of a dandelion. Broccoli. Greens salad. Betaine Greens. Lettuce, Romaine. Spinach. Kale. Mint.

Also, Are rabbit pellets and guinea pig pellets the same thing?

In contrast to the pellets provided to guinea pigs, adult rabbits need a pellet with a high crude fiber content and less than 10% crude protein. Your guinea pig might die from malnutrition and a severe loss of energy from protein insufficiency since the protein in rabbit pellets is so much less.

People also ask, Can a rabbit eat hamster food?

Hamster Meals Hamster food will do little to nothing to improve the nutrition of your bunny, but rabbits need a particular high-fiber diet consisting of high-quality Timothy hay, fresh vegetables, and herbs. Maintaining your New Year’s resolution.

Related Questions and Answers

How old can a rabbit live?

9 years, European rabbit Lifespan of a Rabbit

What is the favorite food of rabbit?

Mostly hay, a little quantity of fresh vegetables, and a few pellets should make up a rabbit’s daily diet. The primary component of a rabbit’s daily diet is hay. The majority of a rabbit’s diet should consist of unrestricted, premium grass hay, such Timothy, orchard, or brome.

Can rabbits eat timothy hay?

The cool-season grass timothy is beneficial for rabbits with sensitive digestive systems. It is a thick, gritty hay with a very high fiber content. The combination of Timothy Hay’s high fibre content and low protein content is essential for the wellbeing of rabbits and other small animals.

What kills rabbits fast?

Pindone is the sort of rabbit poison that is most often used in the Bay of Plenty. Although a CSL is not necessary to buy or use Pindone at a baitstation, it is necessary if using bait-mats or manually spreading Pindone into the ground. These poisons have a quick death time and may kill rabbits with only one dosage.

What is the best companion for a rabbit?

Do Rabbits Get Along Well With Other Pets in the Home? Cats. Cats and bunnies may get along well under the right conditions and in a clean environment, especially if the bunny doesn’t get frightened by the cat’s simple presence. Dogs. Similar issues exist with dogs and cats. Pigs in general. Ferrets. Birds.

Why does my rabbit close his eyes when I pet him?

They shut their eyes in happiness and rest their head on the ground. They like having their shoulders and back thoroughly scratched. Nevertheless, they usually dislike having their ears, necks, paws, stomachs, or tails stroked. My rabbits often respond best to stroking after a meal when they are unwinding.

Can I leave a rabbit alone for 3 days?

Because they are not very independent, rabbits cannot be left alone for more than two days. But if it’s only a weekend or a workday, we can make sure they have all they need and go out of town without having to worry too much about their well-being.

Do bunnies get periods?

Rabbits don’t have periods. Females that have not been spayed have a few days to bleed to death if they begin leaking blood. Urinary blood might potentially indicate bladder stones. A rabbit won’t groom its genitalia and tail properly if it isn’t feeling well or if it is fat and has mushy feces.

What Colour do rabbits like the most?

Give your rabbit red carpets, pillows, or blankets so they can look for this vibratory energy anytime they need it. It’s clear from my experience with rabbits and other animals that when they don’t have frequent access to the outdoors, they like lying on the carpet. Blue is cooling in comparison to red.

Do rabbits eat their poop?

In other words, they consume and digest their own waste twice. Actually, bunnies produce two distinct types of excrement: soft, black cecotropes that are consumed and tiny, spherical, black droppings. Coprophagy is the term for this action, which is analogous to cows chewing their cud.

Can bunnies have hay cubes?

Timothy hay cubes, which are a better reward than alfalfa hay, are also popular with many rabbits. Since they contain compressed hay, they are healthy for him and enjoyable to eat.

Is Timothy hay just grass?

A kind of grass hay is timothy. Meadow hay is a different kind of grass hay. This contains potentially edible plants like dandelion seeds and is softer than Timothy hay. Its composition may also vary somewhat more than Timothy’s since it incorporates a range of plants.

Can I feed my bunny alfalfa?

Instead of crushed cubes or chopped hay, we like the long, loose strands. For adult rabbits, alfalfa hay is not the best option, particularly if it is given in addition to pellets. Alfalfa hay is acceptable for young bunnies (which are already high in alfalfa hay).

How do you know if your rabbit is sad?

indicators that a rabbit is unhappy If housed in a hutch, chewing cage bars. pulling at their hair and over- or under-grooming their pets. a change in bowel or eating habits. becoming even more drunk. circling or striding back and forth repeatedly. damaging and biting behaviors. a lack of enthusiasm and interest.

What does it mean when a rabbit cleans itself in front of you?

Given how often they groom themselves, rabbits, it may be difficult to determine whether they are over-grooming. For rabbits, grooming may be a calming activity. A rabbit may attempt to feel better by grooming themselves more often if they are nervous, anxious, bored, or even somewhat ill.

Can hamsters eat rabbit or guinea pig food?

The answer is simply no. The nutritional requirements of each unique animal are considered while making pellets. Because the hamster and the rabbit are so unlike to one another, they should only consume pellets designed for their own species.


The “can guinea pig food kill rabbits” is a question that has been asked many times. In general, guinea pigs and rabbits are not compatible, but there are exceptions to the rule.

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