Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for a conference, meeting, lunch & learn, sports team, women’s group, community or wellness event? We do group and corporate wellness and nutrition educational presentations on a variety of topics for the group you have in mind. Informative presentations provide relevant, real-life nutrition information in a fun, simple way that engages everyone in the audience.

Classes can be taught as a series of classes or individually, and can be geared toward corporate wellness or for community groups.


Nutrition Series

Let’s Get Real…Food  Isn’t all food real, you ask? Not really. Much of what we get in the grocery store is filled with things that prevent you from feeling your best and nourishing your body. This 8 part series looks into each food group and how you can make the best choices when purchasing and preparing food.

Real Food Challenge   Think along the lines of The Biggest Loser. This challenge focuses on food rather than exercise, and does not guarantee weight loss, but it has been shown to help people sleep better, think better, get off of medications, and lose weight. This 4 part series challenges you to look into the foods you eat and cut out the junk. All the while it teaches you how to plan, shop, and prepare meals that are good for you. 

Sugar Coated Truth   Are you addicted to sugar? This 3 part series reviews where sugar is found in our diet, simple steps to break free from the holds of sugar, and  ways to address our sugar habits.


Series costs are dependent on the series and can include catering through Bon Vie Kitchen. Contact us for details and prices. 

Individual Classes

These 1 hour classes are great as a “Lunch and Learn” or for any wellness discussions. Our nutrition classes are strategically designed educate participants on key, life-changing nutrition topics. They teach people how to eat better and live a healthier, balanced life through relevant, real-life nutrition information presented in a simple, fun and engaging way. Class topics include (but are not limited to):

101 Ways to Detoxify the Body   The body has it’s own mechanisms to detoxify itself. This presentation outlines where we get our everyday tox ins and the many ways we can support our body to detoxify itself without harsh supplement packs.

Cooking Demonstrations If you need a little inspiration to get you cooking a cooking demonstration may be exactly what you need (prices may vary depending on the menu decided).

Everything You Need to Know about Probiotics  We all hear the word “probiotic” but what does it actually mean? And more importantly, how can I get probiotics through my foods? This presentation highlights what to look for when seeking out probiotics through supplements and foods.

Healthy Eating Everywhere  We eat from many places-home, parties and social gatherings, restaurants, and on the go. This presentation breaks down what to look FOR and what to look OUT FOR in each of theses places.

Incorporating Functional Foods  What are functional foods, you ask? These foods have nutritional benefits above and beyond basic nutrition. They are nutrient dense foods. They are not as foreign as you may think. This presentation describes these functional foods and how we can get them into our diet on a regular basis.

Inflammation: The Role Food Plays  Foods can be both, pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. This class helps determine what foods are contributing to or fighting inflammation in the body. 

Journey through the GI Tract  Our GI tract, also known as gut, is very complex and each organ has various roles. This presentation starts at the brain and goes throughout the GI tract discussing common challenges and interventions to get “back to normal.” 

Meal Planning: The Simple Plan  Do you ever ask this question, “why do they want dinner every single night?” This class outlines a simple plan make meals a plan rather than a pain.

Principles of Eating  There are certain principles to abide by for health and wellness. This presentation provides 10 basic Principles of Eating to stay strong and healthy.

Pros of Protein  We all know protein is important, but why? How much do we really need? What are the best sources of protein? This presentation answers all of the questions about protein. 

Sugar: The Sweet Fiend  Sugar, is it our friend or foe? While it’s no secret sugar tastes good, how much should we have? More importantly, how do we get away from it? This presentation explores the dangers of sugar and introduces concepts to decrease sugar consumption.

Cost is variable depending on the distance and number of attendees. Catering through Bon Vie Kitchen can also be added for an additional charge. Please contact us for further details.

“Daphne and her assistant did a fantastic job of presenting and demonstrating the benefits of good nutrition.  Her slide presentation provided detailed and easy to understand information on healthy eating and the foods that we should avoid.  Everyone in our group rolled up their sleeves and helped to prepare dinner at our office.  We thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on cooking demonstration.  Daphne is a delightful person and her experience as a licensed and registered dietitian was definitely seen during her three-hour presentation.  Thanks Daphne!”

H. Hataway

Louisiana Wellness Coordinator, Atmos Energy

“The bottom line goes up when my employees are happy.”  Have you ever heard that statement?  Talk about illogical!  At least that is what many may think.  But, I have experienced the reality of happy employees.  When I decided to have an event I had no expectation of the “happiness factor” I was about to experience.  The first night we met the class instructors, Daphne and Molly, all were ready to begin reclaiming their kitchens.  Well, when I walked into work on Friday, expecting business as usual, I witnessed an incredible spirit of happiness.  My guys were talking about greens, meals they were eating, and foods they were cooking. They were smiling and laughing…WOW!  Then, for the following class spouses came, and the enthusiasm grew.  This momentum continued during the entire 30 day challenge!  They started shopping at farmers markets, reading labels, and supporting each other.  This brought our team spirit to a new level.  Then, the medical results started pouring in.  Reports were astounding. Employees cheered each other on, and encouragement became the new norm!  Managing employees comes with its own set of challenges, but the effort of sharing Real Food with them lays a foundation that just makes it all go so much smoother. My thanks and appreciation to all those participating. I BELIEVE Happy Employees make Happy Customers!

S. Latour

owner, Top's Appliances & Cabinetry